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my delivery manager

a system to help manage your deliveries

Available on Google Play

Diagram showing how the mydelman Cloud Server and mydelman Android app work together

the mydelman delivery system

is designed to help businesses make deliveries more efficiently

consists of the mydelman Cloud Server hosting your consignment details, an API or optional desktop application to manage your consignments, and the mydelman™ Android application for delivery of your consignments

for shippers and carriers

the mydelman system simplifies manifest creation and eliminates the mystery and delay with getting information about your consignments

works everywhere

upload your consignments to the mydelman server and they are available for delivery by any registered user of the mydelman app - your own drivers or any registered agent


there is no need to pre-allocate consignments to drivers, the driver delivery list is built as the articles are loaded for delivery

instant response

the mydelman app updates the server for every consignment transaction, so you know immediately when your consignment is loaded and you have instant proof of delivery when delivered

for delivery agents

the mydelman system provides you with a list of all consignments allocated to you by carriers, and lets you add your own consignments

better informed

download all consignments allocated to you for delivery, by businesses and carriers


add to your consignment list by scanning consignments on arrival, or by adding your own consignments through the API or desktop application


no need to preallocate deliveries to drivers, and use the same Android device for all carrier deliveries

for delivery drivers

the mydelman app helps you work smarter

no guesswork

load articles for delivery directly into your vehicle simply by scanning the label barcode The mydelman app will tell you when the consignment is fully loaded, or missing articles



the mydelman app uses Google maps to sort your loaded consignments by distance and provide directions to any valid delivery address


the mydelman app includes extensive delivery functions so you can handle virtually all delivery circumstances that occur during your run

best features

the mydelman system simplifies the delivery process from beginning to end, providing global availability of delivery information and proof of delivery, using virtually any Android device