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The mydelman application is a tool to help businesses make deliveries more efficiently. The mydelman application consists of the mydelman server and the mydelman Android app. The mydelman application is developed in Australia with input from delivery management experts, and users.
No! The mydelman system is an addition to your existing systems that vastly simplifies the tracking of consignments and items.

If you're a country agent making local deliveries for your own business and external carriers, an optional desktop application is an affordable counterpart to the mydelman Android App and can manage all your business processes.

We can also recommend more comprehensive freight management systems that are already fully integrated with the mydelman system. Please contact us for more information.

The mydelman server is a central location for all your consignment information, accessible to all registered mydelman users when making deliveries - including your own drivers, courier companies, delivery agents and delivery drivers. There are benefits for businesses, couriers and delivery agents...
  • Your delivery manifests can never go missing
  • Couriers, and/or delivery agents know what deliveries they can expect
  • Delivery agents can download their allocated consignments directly into their computer systems, no more re-entering of information
The consignment information is updated whenever a registered user makes a delivery, so you immediately know...
  • When a consignment is loaded for delivery, anywhere in the country - you get instant feedback on consignment status
  • Where and by whom that consignment is being delivered - no more "lost" consignment items
  • When a consignment is delivered, complete with instant proof of delivery, including "sign on glass" and photographs - no more delays waiting for signatures from remote locations
  • Runs on any modern Android device with an internet connection - low cost
  • Barcodes can be scanned with the phone, or dedicated scanner, or bluetooth scanner - flexible options
  • Uses "sign on glass" and photos - guaranteed proof of delivery
  • Updates the mydelman server immediately - no delays getting status and POD
  • Works with consignments from any business or courier - much, much simpler

The mydelman Android app - benefits for drivers

Unlike most systems, the mydelman Android app creates a delivery manifest for a driver by scanning items as they are loaded for delivery. Consignments can be scanned onto and off a truck. Drivers cannot load items from a consignment that is already being loaded by another driver. Consignments can be easily transferred from one driver to another - simple, accurate and flexible delivery allocation to drivers
Yes, the mydelman Android app allows split deliveries. In addition, when an item is scanned the driver knows immediately how many more items need to be scanned for that consignment, so it is obvious when items are missing from a consignment - no more items left behind at the depot by accident - show me more
The mydelman Android app downloads complete delivery information for a consignment, including...
  • Full delivery address, contact name, phone number.
  • Full consignment information - number of items, split delivery OK, sIgnature required, photos required, dangerous goods, first delivery date
  • Previous delivery information - when and who delivered, delivery outcome, previous signatures and photos, items delivered previously.
The driver knows everything about their consignments so there is less need for problem solving by the depot
The mydelman Android app generates an "Unshipped orders delivery list" sorted by distance from the driver's current location (This functionality requires accurate and complete address information). A Google Map shows the driver all delivery addresses, and Google Navigator is available to help them find unfamiliar destinations. The driver can re-order their delivery run manually if they wish - drivers can plan and visualize a delivery run throughout the delivery
By scanning each item for the consignment. When all items are scanned the delivery can then be completed by collecting the required proof of delivery. The mydelman Android app knows what proof of delivery is required for the consignment and will prompt the driver appropriately - eliminate delivery mistakes by ensuring all items are delivered and the appropriate proof of delivery is obtained
The mydelman Android app lets lets the driver record a failed delivery attempt, select a reason for the failure, and add notes if necessary. This failed delivery is kept in the consignment delivery history and is available to the sender, and also the receiver the next time a delivery is attempted - a complete delivery history improves communication between the sender and receiver
The mydelman Android app uses the driver's location to create a delivery list and map, but this information is not recorded on the server. The latitude and longitude where a delivery, or delivery attempt is made, is recorded on the server for every delivery, to provide another level of proof of delivery - location information is used responsibly to aid the delivery process
The mydelman Android app can typically handle one to 100 consignments at a time, this is dependent on the device, available memory, number of items, number of photographs taken during each delivery etc etc - suitable for the vast majority of deliveries
Yes. The mydelman Android app aids multiple deliveries to the same location by listing all the deliveries to the same address in the "Delivery List" screen. When mutiple deliveries are made to the same address getting a single signature for all deliveries is an option available to the driver. The signature obtained is duplicated to each consignment, so the sender receives their own copy of the signature - simplifies the delivery process for multiple deliveries
Yes. If a consignment is identified as a quarantined location, where the driver cannot scan each item and the receiver takes responsibility for receiving the items, the mydelman Android app will auto scan the items on that consignment and it will be ready for the appropriate proof of delivery to be obtained by the driver - simplifies the delivery process for quarantined deliveries
The final stage of the mydelman Android app delivery process is completing the delivery. When back at the depot the driver scans any items that need to be returned due to failed delivery. When all items are accounted for, the delivery is completed and the server is updated with the final delivery status - the mydelman Android app ensures that all delivery data is up to date and accurate


Uploading your consignments to the mydelman server means that the consignment information is instantly available to all mydelman users, including your own drivers, and any country agents, so you don't have to generate separate delivery manifests for each driver, or agent.Conversely, driver and agents upload your consignment information whenever they process a delivery, so you have instant access to the current status of ALL your consignments, anywhere in the country. - the mydelman Android app ensures that all delivery data is up to date and accurate
Yes, all registered users of the mydelman application can upload consignments to the mydelman server, for delivery by their own drivers or any other registered drivers.The mydelman Android app can deliver all consignments on the mydelman server, regardless who uploaded them
mydelman uses JSON http requests to send and receive consignment data to the mydelman server. We can provide detailed API documentation, and/or customization services, so the mydelman application can be integrated into your existing systems. The mydelman API allows you to upload consignments, update consignments prior to delivery, and download any updates to your consignments.
An optional desktop application is available which lets you import your data from existing consignment management systems, or enter the data directly into the desktop application for upload to the server. We can also provide assistance with integrating the mydelman API into your existing systems, if you prefer - we will ensure you can use the mydelman application to improve yor delivery process.
No, in our experience web based applications are slower to use for data entry and the available desktop application allows for a faster and more convenient means of importing data from other systems.
  • The mydelman Android application will run on any modern Android device.
  • The device will need an internet connection during download and upload of consignment information - typically while loading a delivery run, and completing a delivery run.
  • Barcodes need to be entered into the mydelman application, which can be done by typing the barcode, scanning the barcode with a built-in camera, scanning the barcode with a bluetooth barcode scanner, or scanning the barcode with a built-in barcode scanner.
  • The mydelman Android application can make use of Google geolocation, and Google maps, which will require valid addresses and a mobile phone data internet connection.
  • The mydelman application can provide instant updates of delivery status if used on a mobile device with an internet data connection.

Contact us for recommended Android devices.

No, but since the mydelman server data is available to registered users, there is nothing to stop you providing this service to your customers - use your mydelman data to keep your customers informed
Yes, please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll let you know if we can help - we can adapt the mydelman application to suit your needs
Yes, when you register for a paid account you can supply us with your logo and business name and these will be used on the mydelman Android App home page - we provide branding for your drivers.

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