How mydelman works

to save you time, lost consignments and money


The problem with paper based delivery systems

Paper based delivery systems are still in common use, however...

The problem with bespoke sign on glass delivery systems

Many businesses have developed their own delivery systems using portable barcode scanners to manage deliveries, and while these are an improvement over paper based systems, they still fall short when delivery is required by another agent.

Bespoke delivery systems...

How the mydelman delivery system solves these problems

The mydelman delivery cycle...

The mydelman system consists of a Cloud Server and the mydelman Android app


The mydelman delivery process starts when users upload consignment information to the mydelman cloud server, using the free API, which can be integrated into any bespoke delivery system. An optional desktop application can also be used to upload and download consignment data.

Any registered user can upload and download their own consignment data from the mydelman cloud server. Senders and Carriers can nominate an Agent for the delivery, in which case the Agent can download a list of consignments enroute to them and start planning their deliveries in advance.


The mydelman Cloud Server

The mydelman cloud server contains complete consignment information, including number of items on the consignment, receiver name and address and delivery requirements and restrictions.

Consignment data is secure because users only have access to consignments they have uploaded, or are Agents and have consignments assigned to them by other users, for delivery.

Individual consignment information can also be accessed using the mydelman Android App by scanning the barcode of a consignment item.


Loading Consignments

The mydelman Android App is used by drivers to load and deliver consignments, using any compatible Android device. The same Android device and mydelman Android App is used for all deliveries, regardless of their origin. So country Agents can make deliveries for all Carriers using the mydelman system, as well as their own local deliveries - all on the same device!

Loading consignments is easy with the mydelman Android App because all the driver has to do is scan the barcode on a delivery package. The mydelman Android App communicates with the mydelman Cloud Server to find that barcode and then assigns that consignment to the driver for delivery. There is no need to pre-allocate consignments to drivers, the mydelman Android App does that for you by scanning the barcode.

All the consignment data is downloaded to the mydelman Android App, so the driver immediately knows how many items are on each consignment. When the driver has finished loading their consignments the mydelman Android App shows them if any consignments are missing items and the driver can decide whether short-delivery, or returning the consignment to the depot, is the correct action to take. The driver saves time, and consignments are delivered more accurately and efficiently.

As the driver loads each item onto their delivery, the mydelman Android App immediately updates the server to indicate that the consignment is "Loading" or fully "Loaded". This data is now also immediately available to the users who uploaded the consignments, so they now know the status of the consignment and who and where it is being delivered.


Delivering Consignments

The mydelman Android App is a great aid to drivers while making deliveries.

A "Delivery List" shows the driver their consignments sorted by distance from their current location. A Google map shows the driver the locations of all receivers. Drivers can re-order their delivery list if necessary. So the driver will be more efficient in reaching their destination.

If the consignment includes telephone details for the receiver the driver can ring before delivery, using the same Android device.

The mydelman Android App lets the driver handle most delivery requirements easily, partial delivery, rejected items, quarantined delivery, multiple deliveries to the same address, multiple photos of goods on delivery, and Sign on Glass using the same Android device. The mydelman Android App ensures that all items on a consignment are accounted for, so the chances of mis-delivery are virtually eliminated.

When an internet connection is available, as soon as the delivery is completed the mydelman Cloud Server is updated with the delivery information, including photos and signature. The users who uploaded consignments have instant feedback, from anywhere in the country, no more waiting weeks for confirmation, or proof of delivery.


Returning Consignments

All undelivered items are scanned on return to the depot and the consignments are made available for delivery on another delivery run. The mydelman Android App minimises the risk of lost items. Users have comprehensive information about their consignments as the data on the mydelman Cloud Server is updated.

The mydelman delivery cycle is complete when all undelivered items are returned to the depot.